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About Us

MIL-F-87260 KSR Industries and our immediate family have been in the reticulated polyurethane foam business for 30+ years.  Our knowledge and expertise ranges from military to high performance/extreme applications.  Whether your application is Aviation, racing/high performance or transportation, we offer a variety/grades or reticulated polyureathane fuel tank foam.  With that, MIL-F-87260 reticulated polyurethane foam is the staple of our business and that is why more and more private sector/high performance companies as well as military installations rely on this to meet their needs.  We are a premier supplier and have been supplying foam products to fuel cell companies for many years.  Our open cell polyurethane foam is used in racing fuel cells and gas tanks, and is extremely easy to install, maintenance free and long lasting.  In fact, the reticulated polyurethane foam that you get from us is the same that our family supplies to the US Military for its fighter and transport aircraft.

Even though we specialize in custom work, we have been getting more and more requests for certain types of applications in the automotive, motorcycle, atv and watercraft for fuel tank foam and racing fuel cells.  With the success of this type of foam over the last 3 decades, we are now offering prepackaged kits for cycle/atv and watercraft applications.  By prepackaging these kits, it now makes it easier for our customers to obtain these while allowing us to keep our prices low. To further reassure our customers, these kits come directly from our facility, the same facility that
supplies the US Military and high profile performance and private sector companies with their reticulated polyurethane foam needs.

Visit our online store to see our prepackaged kits for powersports gas tanks and automotive fuel cells

Looking for something different - contact us. We do a variety of custom work as well as supply raw material.  Since we do a tremendous amount of volume, our pricing and lead times are always competive.  Contact us today to see how we can help you.
Blocks of different types of Reticulated Polyurethane Blocks waiting to be processed for various projects at our west coast facility
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